Custom XM player WIP

Yeah, she’s a coming along nicely. Still needs quite a few things (like a new period LUT, the current one is missing finetune for low octaves – which this song uses). Some FX still need implementing, etc. Iย  sorted out a few bugs in the FX I do have working, and added long sample playback support, so I figured I throw up a WIP vid/example.

What is it? It’s an XM player for the PCE. I have a converter that converts XM and MOD files into more PCE friendly format (a reformat), but all the FXs and such are still there. What is XM format? Go look up MilkyTracker


Oh and btw – the song is: HuC6280 on Fire! by Louis Gorenfeld. Thanks to Louis for providing a PCE legal MOD. <o.

7 Responses to “Custom XM player WIP”

  1. wahou, awesome, do you think to show a public version of your xm player soon ??

  2. Yeah, I’ll make the source, rom, util, etc available when it’s close to ready for public testing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. yeah excellent ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Excellent !!!

  5. Will you also release whatever program you used to extract the 32 sample wave buffers from the game data? I’d like to be able to pull sounds from Legendary Axe, make a new composition with them in something like Renoise or MilkyTracker, run that through your special XM converter/player for a more authentic sound, and then get all 6 channels back into Ableton Live to use as part of a live performance.

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