Added “4 Channel PCM driver” example code to the download and links section. But here’s a quick link to it. It’s a MOD style playback driver. No, this is not the driver I use in my XM player. Those are normal PCE channels and 1 static sample channel. But this is, this is something a bit different. It’s just the driver itself, it still needs the the support code. I’ll put together an example of how to use it.. soon. Warning: Not HuC friendly. Is a bit on the intermediate level side of coding. In the file, there are some explanations of how the code works and how to interface to it. Even if you don’t use it, you can copy the concept or whatever.

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  1. I fixed a few bugs/typos and uploaded/updated the file. Since I wrote this from scratch (again for like the 10th or 11th time, yeah – I tend to re-invent the wheel to keep things fresh ), there still might be a bug or typo left. Once I get a whole working demo source, things will be solid..

    Version 1.0.2 uploaded.

    And yes, I purposely didn’t put a CLC in the first add of the LSB of the 16bit float, of the phase accumulators. Why? Because 1/65535 is so tiny an amount of jitter – you’ll never see/hear/notice it. And it saves 2 cycles per channel

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