Satellite One…

Made a video of it. Been too busy to get any real work done (away from home), so I made this video. I have another one I’ll put up soon (very famous chip tune PCE-fied) 😀

Oh, and the video’s in HD… for whatever reason.. you’d .. want to watch it in HD >_>


3 Responses to “Satellite One…”

  1. Superb, but do you thing that your librarie can play this song in a game ??

    how is the cpu consuming for it ??

  2. This song? In game? Easily. There’s nothing special about this song. Or some of the ones I’ve setup for XM. Though for in game, I’d probably avoid using the TIMER for fine tempo control. The cpu resource for the current XM player is *less* than Air Zonk music player CPU resource wise, if that helps for comparison. I plan to have a few “setups” so to speak. Like 4 pce channels + 2 static channels, or 4 pce channels + 4 static channels (soft mixed), 5 pce channels+2static channels(soft mixed on 1 channel). And such.

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