Unreal Superhero 3 chiptune

Yeeeaaaahhhhh! Unreal Superhero 3 for the PCE. The famous chiptune now PCE-fied. This one was a pretty quick and dirty conversion. Not a lot of attention to detail went into it. Anyway, enjoy 😀

Note: Recorded this one at a lower res to get a better frame rate. Also uses the Amiga 1200 filter (non-LED one). Doesn’t filter/smooth the lows, doesn’t cause aliasing in the highs. Perfect for Milkytracker and PCE stuff.


6 Responses to “Unreal Superhero 3 chiptune”

  1. lol i’am sawed (i don’t know if exist in english), “je suis scié” in french ..

    i’have tons of xm modules who’s waiting your librarie ;-p

  2. “je suis scié” as in I’m astonished or I’m blown away?

    “i’have tons of xm modules who’s waiting your librarie ;-p”

    Heh.. you’ll have a lot of hacking to do them, though 😉 These two examples use 5 normal PCE channels and 1 long sample channel. But one or two “short” instrument samples had to be scaled down into PCE’s 32 sample buffer for the normal channels. Means I had to change the notes in the XM for any notes attached with this “instrument”. Kinda of easy once you get the hang of if (transpose really helps in this), but if the sample is really cut down and there are FXs such as slide to note or just frequency slides – you’ll have to go in and make the frequency amount per slide parameter, bigger to compensate. I’ll make a tutorial soon 😉

    In the Satellite One conversion, the bass line instrument was reduced by something like 2 octaves and 3 half steps. This meant the slide-to-note FX had to be taken out in that conversion for the bass line (well, most of it), because I couldn’t slide more than 255 period values per “tick”. At higher octave, 255 period values is a lot, but at more than twice the lower octave, 255 just wasn’t enough. A shame, really. But it’s not that noticeable. So no biggie. But it’s something to watch out for, etc.

  3. “I’m astonished ” is more near, but not enough strong ..

    “Heh.. you’ll have a lot of hacking to do them, though” :(, not a simply : open file, and play ???? huuuu lamer 😛 ..

    If your doc is limpid enough,that should not be a problem, for sure.

    And as usual, very good and detayed explanations in your post 😉

  4. ah, do you know “awesome”, the best mod composer ever ??

    You can take one of his music as exemple …

  5. INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE !!! Arrghhhhhhhhhhh, i’m dead 🙂

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