small test demo

Ok, here’s the 16×8 sprite test demo. It’s not much to look at (and the code is very old, from an old test source): here. The BG scrolls automatically but you can also control it with the direction pad. That’s to show that the BG is in normal, non scanline skipped mode (8×8 tiles). There’s a sprite that’s off screen that you need to move to the left. Use that to cause sprite drop out on the line of sprites on the screen (they’re 32×32 but shown as 32×16). I didn’t offset set the single moveable sprite with even or odd increments, so you can see it switching between the frames as it moves up and down (showing either even or odd row of pixels of the sprite). The moveable sprite is just there to show off the sprite bandwidth and that it’s full/normal. I really need to make a proper demo, but right now I’m doing other tests on the PCE (yay fun!).

If anyone runs this on the real system (doesn’t work yet in emulators), if you can please post back what make/model PCE/SGX you ran this on and if it does or doesn’t show as it should.

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