Audio for a change…

I have no idea why, but yeah. I found a bug in the XM to PCE converter. Any instrument manually set to full volume was being silenced. Mostly snare samples, I believe. Louis’ XM sound damn awesome on the real system with the current test rom.

But, I noticed something. I’d get these slight ticks here and there. Did a lot of testing and special case code for buffer updates and what not. Seems there are some issues when dealing with DDA mode and trying to use the volume reg at the same time. Hopefully not to big of a deal (I just need to write special case code for it). The surprising thing is, I didn’t see any small pops for doing close instrument changes – like I expected to see.

This of course makes me happy, cause I tried many hours/days last year trying to get a buffer mode PCM playback routine. While it worked on the SGX, it didn’t on the other systems. So, gonna do some more tests tomorrow (did a bunch of tests today with video, but nothing new was found).


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