Some PCE sample rips

Yo, yo, yo, yooo! Yo…

Ok. I ripped these directly from the ROMs (or HES). A couple of them are only partial, because the instrument pak is nothing special (and it takes for ever load in each one into Milkytracker). None of the samples have volume envelopes, I leave that to you. But I did set the relative not for the long samples. Just use C-4 to play them. Some are 7khz and some are 3.5khz (depends on the game), but it’s setup so C-4 always plays the right frequency for the sample, regardless.

R-Type was an interesting one. I only took the interesting short waveforms. I included some demo notes to show the effect of the waveforms. There’s another game in there too, that does it as well – but only by a small amount IIRC.


2 Responses to “Some PCE sample rips”

  1. These are awesome rips, what software did you use to rip these samples? I am getting heavily into PCE music and have a wavetable synthesizer that I could model these waveforms on (a waldorf blofeld) and was wondering if you could email me some info on ripping these waveforms!

  2. How did you do this? Can it be done automatically? This is extremely useful.

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