Visual stuff

I was tinkering around with viewing ROM’s as raw 8bit palette indexed data. I used a greyscale palette, but set the color 0 to bright green and the color 255 to brink purple-pink. I then set all colors from 01 to 31 to greyscale+blue hue. This way, I could see the free areas of the rom (be it 00 or 255) and also have 5bit short and long sample data show out among the rest of the data (as long as it isn’t compressed). This worked out very-very well.

So I improved upon it for looking over just sample data, to make sure there weren’t any errors. Or rather, values over 31 ($1f). I also increased the blue hue range (and removed the green for color 0). Works great. But I noticed something very cool. Visually looking at voice data. Have a look.. The pink dots are the ending markers for the long samples (all these in this pic are long samples from Parodius), so it separates the samples. Pretty cool looking, ehh? (Make sure you zoom to 100% in your web-browser) Near the very end/bottom of the pic, is some soft looking waves/rings. This is the sample of “I’m strong” that sounds very slowed down, in the game. Never thought human voice could look like that.

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