Conversion util

Woot! The conversion util, which I wrote and completely forgot about, is now done. Thank god I didn’t re-write the whole thing over, before discovering some old project code. Just added a couple of more outputs (I like apps that output lots of stages of conversions, in case the need for tweaking them and what not).

(Click pic for full size. Alt link here: )

The above image has 63 unique colors and uses 14 subpalettes of 15 colors (color #0 of each subpalette is absolute color #0). FYI, this is not an automatic color reduction and sorting app. This is a loss-less conversion app. It needs a palette map (in pic/bitmap format) to sort and snap colors of tiles into specific subpalette groups. I.e. an artist tool. What’s great about this, is that once the colors are ‘snapped’ into place, you can use the output image in almost any image editor – for touch ups and what not. There’s also an embedded difference system that I planned to add into this app (as in not only is there subpalettes and snapped colors into the main index palette as 16 color palettes, but *each* 16 color section of the main 256 index palette – has slight differences in the 9bit to 24bit color values).

Anyway, this image is ready for insertion in the SF2+ project. Got a lot of things to take care of this week (will be out of town too), but I should be able to get the hack up and running for this stage sometime between now and the weekend.


2 Responses to “Conversion util”

  1. I assume this is the original PCE background that has had Fragmare’s “handy” enhancements added? 😀

    • Yes. ‘Changed a few things since (floor, increased some color usage). But yeah, this is the same.

      Now, if I could only get some time off so I could go about getting this into the game. No days off = no fun :/

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