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Las Vegas

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I’m in Las Vegas for about a week (for work). Never been here before. It’s badass. Very awesome. We’re coming back up again at the end of the month. I went on a roller coaster in Circus Circus (indoor domed amusement park/thing/center). I think it’s only like a 30 second ride, but damn… that’s one fast and thrilling ride. I had to pin my head to the back seat cause my hat/cap was flying off (that fast). Did a few slot machines, came out ahead like $20. Bought a Vegas coffee mug (score!). The strip at night is incredible. Man…

Anyway, still working on Lunar stuff… while I’m here (actually, only on the 7 hour drive up – I did some stuff). I dunno. I might have to spend a few more free time around the strip >_>. Hehehe.

I created a forum for Armen and I to do some work, but I decided to add some public parts. You know, to mention/promote/talk about whatever PCE related or console related.

I posted about Touko’s demo over there. Hey touko, glad you finally made that demo public 😀 Great work

Dave, hey I guess I must have taken some of the things you said and actions the wrong way/in the wrong context. It felt like a rift growing between us and the last few communications we had and on this last project. Anyway, don’t worry about it. I highly doubt I’ll be doing anymore translation hacking/work in the future. I’ve been coding for the PCE for 5 years and haven’t been able to put together a serious/big project in that time. I’ve done a ton of small private stuff/achievements, but I still feel like I’ve wasted time. I’m not sure if this Lunar project will be last big thing I do or not. I’ve always wanted to do a GFX tricked out SHMUP on the PCE. I’ll have to see how I feel about investing more time into PCE stuff after this is done. Maybe it’ll be the moral to booster the spirit to do more larger/serious projects, or maybe it’ll be the final closing act and feeling of satisfaction to the end of my PCE coding journey – a justification/reward that all the time spent over the years wasn’t all for not. I dunno…

How nice..

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Arm, a little warning about working with Tomatheous… he’s a great coder and a great guy in general, but I’ve seen him bail on promising projects before so you would really have to keep him interested to see this through to completion. He is known for his coding skill, not his dedication, so keep that in mind.

I wasn’t aware that I was key or part of promising projects. I was barely a member of Frozen Utopia. A coder with nothing to program. Keranu pretty much sum’d up my status in the group with something to the effect of that he totally forgot I had access to the member forums or was even a member or some such statement. A part time member I guess with little to nothing to do, or given any direction or what my role was even supposed to be in the group.

Or how about Dead of the Brain. Worked my ass off on that one. Only to be insulted by Dave a few times on the project. He was too busy to do the work on his end, to help trouble shoot and test script related decoding when I was working on it. Then out of the blue, he’d start working on it again and by that time I had forgotten the routines be heart and had to re-learn everything – several times after the VWF routine was done. Wait a real pain in the ass that was. Then insulting me by bringing someone else to ‘help’ with the project when it was his end that he didn’t hold up in the first place. Finally, he wouldn’t listen to me or fix the problem on the script side. Kept insisting that it needed to be fixed on the string read and print routine. Well, there was no fucking ram left to put anymore check code let. And it could have been easily fixed on his side (correct/careful formatting of the text). Then mentioning that the VWF should be scrapped, and a plain FWF written from scratch. WTF? At that point I said fuck it. Because my part of the project was DONE, I gave him the solution the problem. I invested a lot of my time into that project and my part was completed. DotB fans, yeah – that’s why the game took/is taking forever. I’ve cut communications with a lot of people and the pce dev channel. So I haven’t talked with Dave. But last I read, out of know where and without any email to me, he gave away the project. Status= unknown. My investment into that project? Probably completely wasted. Wonder if my time/work will be wasted on Cosmic Fantasy 1. At least that only took about 1-2 weeks to do.

Or Xymati? How about I was never officially part of that project. BT had disappeared and Fragmare was left with a bunch of artwork/design just going to waste. I offered to at least apply it to a script engine I had already been working on (by myself), until BT could resume coding PCE stuff again. And if it was decided that was never going to be the case, that I and some others could step in and help complete the project with Frag. Except.. Frag went AWOL. And when he did come back, he wouldn’t talk about PCE stuff. Just brag on a PCE dev channel, and post pics of what random chick he was gonna bang that week from the bar. As far as I was concerned, the project was dead and I cut my losses/involvement.

Or the plenty of translators that have bailed on me mid way through projects. Projects that were ready to go. Just needed a translated script. Everything else was done (i.e. lots of time put into those projects).

Or is he referring to my own projects? NES2PCE projects? I put hundreds of hours into those. Hoping to generate some sort of serious hacking interest. But nothing. The only person I bailed on was myself. ‘Cause I wasn’t interested in doing all the upgrades myself. And somehow I was talked into doing DW and CV upgrades, when I had mentioned quite a few times that I didn’t really want to do that side of it. People push and push until you give in (seems even a straight NO doesn’t work). And for the record, I never said I would do ANY Bonk project, with any one or any team. Actually, I stated on multiple occasions just the opposite.

Or the times I’ve invested and wrote special code for HuC for people, and never hear much of, if anything at all back in return. HuC sucks. It’s barely above BASIC. And shouldn’t be used to write anything even remotely serious (straight from the authors mouth themselves), let alone commercial software. Yet I wasted tons of time learning all of the backend and hackish setup. Writing special code from some people, or just writing expansion code for general use. Adding features and support that was never originally there. Hundreds of hours. Pooring over the ASM library for it as well as the C source code for the compiler. Figuring out how to optimize it to a usable level. Maybe I’m crazy, but that took “dedication”. And I didn’t have someone to help keep the motivation going or keep me ‘interested’ or whatever. All solo work.

Yeah, solo work. Like 90% of what I’ve done. Out of all the stuff I’ve done, mostly private, the large majority of it was solo. The only limited experience I have with a ‘group’ was Frozen Utopia. And my role was a joke. So much so, that I never advertised or went out of my way to tell people that I was a member. Hell, Charles didn’t even know and I talked with him on a daily/weekly basis for years, about all kinds of stuff.

I’d like to know; what majority or promising projects have I bailed on? ‘Cause that’s news to me. I have been bailed on plenty of times when trying to form partnerships with other people, that’s for sure. Trusting people outright.

Thankfully they weren’t as big a project as this one. Matter of fact, this project with Armen is the first serious project I’ve ever started/been involved in, with other individuals (I’ve done plenty of solo projects). Hell, I wanted to do this project with Armen when he first asked about it here. Because the guy has some serious talent. But I pushed him in the direction of some other people that had groups already, to give other people in the PCE coding scene to work with him. (That and I was reluctant to work with someone again, after having been ‘bailed on’ one too many myself. I was gearing up for a small solo/single project) And I was hoping Armen wouldn’t mention my name, so we could avoid any snide/snark remarks. I know I’ve probably pissed off some people in the PCE develop scene, either directly or because of their association with direct individuals, by just plain ol’ cutting people off/leaving channel/forums/whatever without any word or reason. And I know there will be some shit talking or snide remarks/jokes by a couple of dev members in private (’cause I’ve seen it before). Can’t really do anything about that. But whatever.

This is Armen’s team (Armen, you need to think up a name). So far, just him and I. It’s his choice if he wants to bring in other people into the team, as we get further along. I’ve already canceled all my other PCE stuff (private and public) to focus on this. With an exception of one possible PCE commercial project proposition sent to me. I’m looking into the details of it currently.

Anyway, sorry about the rant Armen. I would have liked to kept my name out of this/ used an alias. Oh well. I got the util up and working for assisting in converting stills. It’s still a lot of work to do by hand, but it’ll be worth it. And I need to add a few more features to auto conversion util, for editing back into photoshop to help along with this. I wasted today doing that. I also got some interesting bit of news. I’ll email you details and see what you think.

Update (NES stuff)

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Didn’t realize that I didn’t have the links to the source projects, for the NES stuff. Anyways, I posted the links over at the Download and Links section. The only ones I didn’t add, were the Dragon Warrior one (which is soo old that it needs a new revision with the updated emulation code) and the Castlevania 1 CD project (has hooks to play CDDA tracks in place of the PSG tunes).

Still here in

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Gilbert/Chandler. Looks like my out of town job is nearing an end (for now). Been working straight through for a month with no days off. I should have accumulated about 280+ hours by this Sunday, for this month. Finally switch over from working nights (9pm to 5am) to days (5am to 5pm – long days). Still not much free time. Though, I have been doing some cycling up until the switch over. I managed to do a 65 mile ride last Saturday. Took me 5 hours though :/ Hopefully I can get up to speed (pun intended) for the El Tour de Tucson coming up here in November. It’s a 109 mile course. Days are starting to cool off, so that will be better for daytime cycling needs (still in the 104+ degrees now, but better than 110+ or higher).

Anyway, this is a coding blog. So… I should be back to stuff in the next week or two (when I get back).