Still here in

Gilbert/Chandler. Looks like my out of town job is nearing an end (for now). Been working straight through for a month with no days off. I should have accumulated about 280+ hours by this Sunday, for this month. Finally switch over from working nights (9pm to 5am) to days (5am to 5pm – long days). Still not much free time. Though, I have been doing some cycling up until the switch over. I managed to do a 65 mile ride last Saturday. Took me 5 hours though :/ Hopefully I can get up to speed (pun intended) for the El Tour de Tucson coming up here in November. It’s a 109 mile course. Days are starting to cool off, so that will be better for daytime cycling needs (still in the 104+ degrees now, but better than 110+ or higher).

Anyway, this is a coding blog. So… I should be back to stuff in the next week or two (when I get back).


2 Responses to “Still here in”

  1. dude!

    a) come back to #utopiasoft or you may suffer an unfortunate accident, possibly by a kitten catapult. a certain angering person have left.
    b) i need technical help with pce hardware/emulation from you!
    c) post more on
    d) yeah, i own ;D

  2. Well, in my book both 104 and 110 are equally terrible temperatures. Here’s hoping for cooler days ahead.

    Good luck with El Tour de Tucson. Stay hydrated!!

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