Update (NES stuff)

Didn’t realize that I didn’t have the links to the source projects, for the NES stuff. Anyways, I posted the links over at the Download and Links section. The only ones I didn’t add, were the Dragon Warrior one (which is soo old that it needs a new revision with the updated emulation code) and the Castlevania 1 CD project (has hooks to play CDDA tracks in place of the PSG tunes).


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  1. Hi,

    I didn’t manage to find your email address, but I still wanted to ask you a question concerning PCE tiles/palettes and also about your conversion utility. 🙂

    So that my images may compatible with the PC engine colors, I did a test using graphicsgale and photoshop, and converted all the colors of the BG which now should be compatible with the pce palette.
    If I’m not mistaken, each color (R,G,B) can only have one of the values found below to be pc engine compatible, right ?


    I know that the pc engine can have 16 palettes of 15colors + one transparent (which makes 240 colors)for the BGs, and the same for the sprites.

    In the picture below, there remains only 42 colors now. I didn’t try to refine or put additional details but just to remain faithful to the first version of the picture and reducing the number of colors.

    original :

    pce colors :

    But, people are telling me that the most difficult part will be to create the tiles, knowing that the limitation of the palette (knowing only 1 color can be in common.)
    Not being a programmer, I’m a bit confused, so I wanted to know if you think an app like your conversion utility may be useful for this palette problem ? Does your program allow you to convert rgb value to pce colors (16 palettes of 15 colors) ?

    Moreover, is there a specific program to create and manage tiles and palettes accordingly ? I mean some kind of map editor for the PCE. If not, what is generally used for creating or managing tiles and the different palettes compatibility issues of the PCE ?
    If not what do you think I could I use to do a tiles/palette test ?

    Thanks in advance for your help, 🙂


    PS :

    As a reference, I had also created another screenshot with other elements(these aren’t color converted), there’s 109 colors for everything in the picture below (bg,sprite,dial box)

  2. Hey 🙂

    Sorry, I’m out of town right now. But I’ll give a proper response when a get back in, in the next couple of days. BTW my email is tomaitheous’at’pcedev.net


  3. Thanks, I’ll reply via mail very soon

  4. Here’s a quick example work from your assets: http://www.pcedev.net/Lunar/house_example/compare_1.png

    Needs some work still (some hand work on the tiles and such), but not bad. Top to bottom: PSX->PCE image, SegaCD original, PCE+palmap, just the pce palmap. Specs: PCE one is 60 unique colors, 13 of the 16 subpalettes with 2 of the last subpalettes used for 6-7 tiles. Plenty of subpalette room for text box text, borders, and character portraits. No sprites are in the PCE one. SegaCD one is 26 colors and includes two sprites.

    I have three utils that can help in doing conversions of tile based stuff like this. But I need to add some more cross over features. The test rom I gave you has redundant tiles. I have other utils that work directly with mappy for more realistic storage needs (nothing visually changes). Mappy’s not the best editor, but it’s decent and adequate for making changes on a tilemap level. I have another util for exporting tile blocks from mappy as BMPs, into embedded color format for use with Photoshop and such. Makes making changes on a pixel level to tile blocks much much much easier to deal with, without screwing up subpalette data. Oh and a fourth one that I used for stuff like SF2 work (in photoshop, in pseudo tile mode).

    None of these utils are public, but I can work privately with you if you’re serious about this. I personally think this is a great idea, porting this game 😉 And I’m sure you are aware of the benefits of doing a port over doing a game from the ground up.

  5. Wow, this utility is incredible for color and palettes. The result is awesome and I guess would save a lot of time instead of converting each color by hand.
    Actually, those pics aren’t from the psx version. I recreated the mcd version graphics with more colors, new elements and using brighter shades with PCE RPGs in mind.
    It would be great to have your help and work with you on this project as I don’t know much when it comes to program and code.
    I’ve sent you a mail.




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