PCE related NES(famicom) homebrew

Hahaha, this is great 😀 Check it out: http://hlc6502.web.fc2.com/Bbuster.htm (there’s a video on the site for it too)

3 Responses to “PCE related NES(famicom) homebrew”

  1. Is this a remake of Super Star Soldier for the Famicom ? This person is very talented. And the sound/music quality is good.

    • I found a link from a guy that states he did the GFX for the game. I don’t know if he ripped any graphics, but some of them sure look familiar. They gameplay itself reminds me of the caravan shmups by Hudson (including SSS and SB). The music itself is a remake of PCE star soldier series. Pretty cool

  2. I haven’t played it yet but, I watched the video and from what I can see/hear it would seem that it’s a port of Soldier Blade with high level Fami graphics and sound.

    If that’s the case then, I’m hoping that the same could be done with NES games as well as games from other mid ’80’s systems sort of like the NES to PCE conversions that you’ve done but, with 16-bit graphics and sound added.

    I downloaded some of your NES to PCE conversions last night and had already been thinking about something to that effect.

    Your work is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to inspire the rest of PC-Engine fans out here with your hard work and dedication.

    I love anything that brings more attention to the most under rated 16-bit quality system of all time.

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