Been out of town for a bit, but managed to get a little PCE related work in. Armen has done quite a bit with retouching up the cinema graphics and making changes. We’ve ripped almost all the assets for the opening cinema and are working on that. Some of the scenes/section are already up and running on the PCE. But man, I really need to write a custom image tool. Something that’ll allow me to select regions of an image with a box and assign/snap it to a sprite. But no aligned sizes. Armen added detail and color to specific parts, and it can be a pain to chop up large sections by hand. I’m already sorting the palette/color areas for the sprite plane by hand, similar to what FraG and I did with SF2 new BGs (a translucent palette map dictating which sprite section belongs to which sprite subpalette). Armen also working a bit on the first town and house tiles. Work should be slowing down after November, so things should be picking up for Lunar more so, then.


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