SuperGrafx Strider

Wow, never seen this bit if info here before:

Props goes to Team Andromeda for posting this scan. I’ve seen a fair amount of sites/forum with small pieced-together info about the SGX port, and among other things like theories and speculation. But I’ve never seen an article were someone working on the ACD port stating that they did in fact start developing Strider for the SGX. Not even unofficially, and this is pretty much official. Yeah, magazines had pics – but that hasn’t been deemed exactly credible. Some people argued that the port never even existed and that magazines were stretching ‘rumors’. Claiming pics were fakes. Anyway, I thought this was a cool admission about the SGX development of the famous long loss port. People speculated, magazines reported tiny-teasing bits of info, but now someone officially quoted. I can move on now.

3 Responses to “SuperGrafx Strider”

  1. Damn! I can’t believe this information has been sleeping snugly for all these years–and in an English-language magazine, too. Not an obscure, difficult-to-obtain Japanese publication from yesteryear, but Edge.

  2. Me either. The PCE community is pretty good at finding out all sorts of details about PCE related things. And there are quite a bit of Strider fanatics too, IIRC. Between them both, not sure how this was missed.

  3. Wow never heard of this!! Very cool after all these years to see something official.

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