CD release

I had this for a while and I recently/quickly cleaned it up:

Nothing special, just on CD for those without a flash card that want to play it on the real hardware. There’s also a system card 3.0 warning screen 😀

Guess I’ll update downloads and links section now…

8 Responses to “CD release”

  1. Wahou, very awesome 😉 ..

    System3 warning has it been made by arm ???

  2. No 🙂 I guess this is an official Megaman X artwork.

  3. Is that Megaman X? I was hoping it wasn’t fan art, as I didn’t have permission or had known the source to ask. Yeah, I’m weird like that. I’ll steal official artwork and use it as I see fit. But I respect individuals fan art. Guess I’m just funny like that 😛

    This was something I had kicking around for a bit, just cleaned it up and decided to release it. Something really easy for me to do.

  4. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    If you ever want to have a redbook audio choice for MM, the PS1 version of MM1 had a bunch of remixes, could probably find some others for the rest of the tracks. Not sure if you want to go that route or not.

    • I have a version now that plays redbook (CDDA) tracks instead of the PSG tracks. I just don’t have much of a sound track to make up for it. I’m using the PSP sound track as a place holder, but it sounds completely wrong for the game. I’ve hunted around, but never found whole complete remixes of MM1. I’ll check that PS1 sound track out (I have a MM compilation somewhere on my shelf – either for PS2 or GC. Not sure if it’s the same). However it turns out, I think I’ll be cherry picking from a bunch of different remix sources.

      • Paranoia Dragon Says:

        If I had the time, I’d just whip up a soundtrack for you, but, I just can’t keep getting myself into more projects. Really trying to concentrate on Jungle Bros., especially with MSR seemingly coming to a close, So, I gotta stay hot on the 22 tracks needed for JB.

  5. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Hmm, here’s in an interesting Cutman remix, though, with sound effects included, probably woudn’t work.

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