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Arcade Card Pro

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2011 by pcedev

4x KM48C512AT-7
1x HM628128ALT7
2x 84256A-70LL
1x Squarish (round edges) gloptop (probably AC chipset)
1x little smaller round gloptop (probably sys card ROM)

The PCB is long. It ends at the end of the ‘bump’. Two of the KM48C512AT-7 are on the top side of the PCB, right under the protective bump. The rest of the chips are on the bottom side. The chips sit fairly tall, so there’s no actually plastic for a large part of the card. Instead, there’s a thin plastic bridge running down the middle and a metal plate on the bottom of the card. It you look closely, you can actually see the outline of the edges of it.

So, 70ns FastPage mode DRAM. 512kbyte chips and four of them. The other three are SRAM chips. 128kbyte 70ns and two 32kbyte 70ns ones.

Oh, and the PCB is actually the thinnest I’ve seen for a hucard (yeah, I’ve take a few black PCB’s off the hucard plastic).

Still waiting on the government to approve my health insurance so I get a stop to this f-ing pain and reoccurring fevers. It’s pissing me off. For now, I’m living on overtaking naproxin and asprin.

Gonna be slow for a while

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2011 by pcedev

My health is getting worse and it’s to difficult do any work. Doctor thinks the symptoms point to valley fever; waiting for the test results. And my other problem might be an ulcer (which would make sense with all the stress these past couple of months). But damn, it hurts like a muthafucka. If I feel better in between periods, I’ll post some small stuffs. Dunno when that’ll be. Currently on the fourth day of a fever run.