Updated a few small things. “Screen off” emulation now works. A tweak to the audio here and there. Repositioned the screen to show more of the bottom area; now you can see the floor and full enemy in Iceman’s level.

I’ve decided to start some work on two other NES projects. Megaman has by far been given most of my attention out of the NES projects just for the very fact that it’s one of my favorite original NES games I played when I first got the system… way back when. That got me thinking. Another game I loved BITD was Megaman 2. I looked into this after mednafen author told me about how the game only uses mirror switching for the vertical scrolling Willy stage “map” parts (and opening cinema too). Else, the rest of the game uses fixed mirroring for tilemap layout. Easy enough.

But out of curiosity, I designed a method to emulate both H and V tilemap mirroring on the fly on the PCE. It eats up a little more resource since it needs an Hsync call every 8 scanlines, but it’s completely doable. That means H, V, and single screen mirroring of MMC1 are completely emulatable in a dynamic state on the PCE. This lead to me another game that I really wanted to work on; Metroid.

So I’ll be starting work on both games, Megaman 2 and Metroid. I have a feeling Metroid might take a little longer using my usual methods, just because of the type of game it is. And because there are no tools out there specifically to help me track/log these address read/writes, I think I’ll write a simple NES emulator on the PC. I looked over mednafen source code to see if I could make modifications and additions, but it’s daunting. I’ve already written emulation code for the NES hardware once, on the PCE, so it shouldn’t be much of any problem to do the same on the PC. I’m not looking for complete accuracy, just a tool to assist in tracing and logging specific events.

Also, here’s the link to the newest hucard Megaman build:
It has the header removed, for people using the Neoflash card (thanks to Chilly Willy for the info).

Edit: Also, I was informed a couple of months back that the CD release of Megaman won’t burn on some software because the ISO isn’t a multiple of 2048bytes (sector). Weird. I’ll fix it and upload a CD version soon.


2 Responses to “Megaman”

  1. Friend, you’re doing a fantastic work. Recently, I’ve been thinking that Namco lost a true excellent opportunity to release the PC Engine port of SPLATTERHOUSE on CD, with the original music from the arcade. Do you think you could do this? Modify the HuCard rom addresses in order to make it work from the CD and aditionally rip the original arcade music, make CD tracks and put it all together? So the PC Engine version would have the arcade music played, which is pretty better. Tell me you could do this! Success.

  2. Hey, this is some neat stuff.

    Are you planning to do Kickle Cubicle/Meikyuujima as well? It was supposed to have been released on the PCE, had IREM not released Hero Tonma in its place (or so says the legend).

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