Ol’ natural :o

I have plenty to post about, but meh. More important things first! I picked up a brand new, but old microsoft natural keyboard – for $5. It was missing the box, but this sucker is brand new. The original model, 59758. I’ve been using M$ split keyboards decades now, but man is it wonderful to use this baby. The keys are stiff like day one. The color is perfect (no tinging). It’s a really beautiful keyboard. I’m sooo in keyboard heaven right now…


2 Responses to “Ol’ natural :o”

  1. It’s a great keyboard — I’ve got one too. Sturdy, comfortable, and the hotkeys are nice for launching custom apps.

    The rubber feet on mine came off eventually and got adhesive goop everywhere, but that’s a minor problem. It may be one of the best keyboard ever made IMO.

    • Yeah, love these keyboards. But this original model is great. It doesn’t have any of the additional function keys (volume control and hot keys), but it is a little longer than the newer M$ split keyboards. Which is nice 😀

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