Things have been busy for work, very busy. So things have been really slow to a crawl for everything else PCE hobby coding related.

I’ve been in contact with Dave Shadoff over the summer and managed to fix a few tiny bugs in Dead of the Brain translation project. But there’s one more somewhat major text alignment bug that needs to be ironed out. When I get some free time, I want to devote it to getting this fixed.

Other news: I started work on Megaman 2. The game requires some extra video emulation, but I’ve figured out how to handle it. I also changed a few things for Megaman emulation; the screen shows more visible floor (bottom screen) area and the video emulation now turns ‘off’ like a normal NES (although it’s a 1 frame delay because of timing potential problems).

There’s been some other stuff too, but it’s been so long now that I’ve forgotten what it was 😛


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Supremo Lagarto Says:

    Hey, this is Supremo_Lagarto from PCEngineFX forums (which are down). I’m trying to find Bonknuts. Just want to see if this is a way to contact the guy over a project he was talking to me about.

  2. majesticlizard Says:

    I sent you a few emails. It doesn’t look like you received them.

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