New game production

I’ve teamed up with an old friend (here in town) and started production on a new game. The primary and first platform release (and possibly only, we’ll see how it goes) will be for PCE. Though I won’t go into specific game details about it, I will post some videos of game engine development here from time to time (no ISO/ROM downloads though). The target platform is SuperCD. There will be an option for SGX ‘upgrade’ version (selectable via options) to give owners of the SGX+SCD something extra. Nothing big or extravagant in difference, mind you.

Anyway, I’ve been involved with quite a number of productions with my friend over the years, just not game related. Some have sold for profit and some just for enjoyment and resource listing. I’ll be handling all of the coding side. I don’t *think* we need another coder and to be honest I don’t really know anyone in RL that codes. If this production turns out the way we intend, we would like to bring it to other platforms (not other retro consoles though). That might require someone else to help out with coding if that comes to fruition.

Besides coding, I’ll also be handling the game design along with my friend. Neither of us are pixel artists or musicians, though. So once we’ve completed the main level handler and game logic, we’ll be looking for people to fill those roles. Though we do want to keep the people involved to a bare minimum. Not that I don’t like people helping out, but we want this to be a fairly short development production cycle. And the less people you have to rely on, the easier it is to meet that schedule. We planned to have the game on a pressed CD with a full color manual and such. We also don’t have any plans to do a preorder system for this game.

Not sure what other details need to be said, here. This will be my focus over the next number of months, so I won’t be working on anything else PCE related that I can foresee. I’m not gonna post info/updates/etc on any forums until we’re well past the initial coding stage, and a good way into design/tweaking stage of development. Though you can follow small updates here about its development progress.

As an aside; I’ve spent good number of years coding on the PCE. Some of it public (if you can call it that), a good chunk of it private (among a few fellow pce coders), and some of it never shown or discussed. I started this PCE coding trek back in late 2005 IIRC and it was fun ride learning all the secrets of the machine. But I’m coming to an end here with coding on the PCE system and what better way to put all those years of learning and experience to good use, than to make a full fledged game. Go out with a bang, as they say. And after this, there’s a good chance that I’m might not do any more PCE related stuff. Time to move on and all that sort of nonsense.

Hopefully this will be an exciting year. Mysterious Song should be right around the corner (which I’m rather exciting about playing), as well as other development stuff from Frozen Utopia (Nodt is on a roll. Pics of his current projects look great). Aetherbyte looks like it’s gearing up for production for its games as well (and hopefully hucard productions too). I’m sure retro gaming fans will see quite a few games released for the PCE this year. Hopefully TailChao (of Zaku fame) will be releasing something on the PCE as well. Maybe this’ll be the year of the PCE 🙂

14 Responses to “New game production”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to it!

  2. Sounds exciting, tom! Wish you best of luck!

  3. hey!
    good to hear about your project!
    i would love to help you out with the pixels.
    i’m good at creating pixel art and the pc engine is my most beloved system..
    i could send you some of my work if your interested!

    • Thanks guys 🙂

      Felix: Definitely interested, but hold that thought. Let us get a good chunk of the core game engine up and running first. You can follow this blog here; I’ll be posting updates.

  4. You’re beginning a PCE project… Really ? What kind of game will this be ?

    • Something on the short side (like 5 stages), but packed with FX/graphics/action/cinemas/etc. No details are set in stone, but we have a pretty good idea of the design (and goodies to go along with it – can’t spill the beans on those just yet).

  5. I see. I don’t how things will turn out in the future, but if you happen to need some help graphicwise (pixel art/cinemas/art), you can contact me. Good luck.

  6. Arf, cool to see that you have a new project on rail .
    good luck Tom ..

  7. Hey, I haven’t read your blog for a while and I’m very glad to see that you’re planning a game for the PCE. I can tell you that all the french PCE community has been waiting for this for years.

    Still, I know you were working on the Dead Of The Brain translation project on the dev side. I hope you can also keep on working on this as I’ce spent 5 years working on and off to translate the whole shit. It would be the biggest disappointement in my life pcewise.

  8. Just the reply I wanted to read. 🙂 Good luck, I guess it’s not gonna be easy 😉

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