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Megaman complete case/manual/game

Posted in Megaman on February 24, 2012 by pcedev

No, I’m not responsible for selling these. I have nothing to do with the auctions or the one site selling them. I’m not gonna post links here, just stating that I have no official connection with those (other than they’re using my stuffs). Megaman project was and is supposed to be free for the community. Don’t really care either way though. You wanna buy something that’s already free, then so be it 🙂

That said, got something cooking in the works for MM. Yeah, yeah I said I wasn’t gonna work on anything else besides ‘the game’. But that’s bullshit. A man needs a small/simple side project from time to time. The ‘game’ is work, this is play 😉

Megaman 0.98 on SCD

Posted in Megaman with tags , , , , , on February 19, 2012 by pcedev

Someone requested this, so I figured I should add this to the download and links section. It’s not the version that plays CDDA tracks in place of the PSG, just the normal game on CD (for those of you without flash cards). Requires SuperCD 3.0 system card (else you get a warning screen). I guess some CD-R burning software had problems with the old ISO because it wasn’t a multiple of 0x800 byte sectors – fixed now.

Posted in WIP Game 2012 on February 14, 2012 by pcedev

So, main object/ship to collision map is working and done. Just finished the player projectiles (bullets) to map collision; removes bullets from the projectile queue when it hits a surface/collision tile. Moving on, now it’s time to work on the dynamic object creation/deletion code for the script handler. Just a little more functionality and I should be able to do a real test stage/level to show off in video (albeit simple). Also, still haven’t figured out what to do with replacing the R-Type 2 assets. I rather code than worry about it for now, so I might end up demoing (video) it with them. Lame, I know. But whatever.

On a side note, been thinking about ideas for the weapon system design. I’d like to pack as much bullets, action, explosions, and enemies on screen at once without flicker (don’t we all). The weapon, or rather projectiles and pods/options, play a big factor into this. It would definitely be easier to do a vertical shmup than a hori one, but maybe next game 😉 Anyway, it can be tricky choosing the right kind of weapons that look great and minimize sprite count, but look completely natural to the game design. I’m not in that part of the game development stage yet (least coding, almost all design/tweaking work), but I’m keeping things in mind as I go. Obviously graphic FX as well.


Posted in WIP Game 2012 on February 13, 2012 by pcedev

Damn… stupid bugs. What should have taken just an afternoon, took like 3 days to sort out. All because I got sloppy with naming rules between macros (names for the script functions), the related function in the list, and the var associated with the function. All too close in label name (actually just a difference of capital letters at the tail end). Dammit. Anyway, object to collision map and detection logic is working great now (for the main ship). Need to apply it to the ships bullets and just objects in general that get put into the collision list. Then I can move on to object-to-object collision routine.

Game engine progress

Posted in WIP Game 2012 with tags , , , , , on February 12, 2012 by pcedev

Things are coming along nicely. The dynamic function table works great; functions can even remove themselves from the table if or when their task is done. The script handler can forcibly remove all or individual functions from the active list as well. The first function I added was scroll acceleration function. It accelerates or decelerates the maps current speed with either a linear step or non-linear step, and of course a rate in which to apply. The non-linear setup is nothing special, just a second parameter with rate and signed value which gets added to the main signed acceleration variable (which gets signed added to the map speed variable). Thus, the increment changes over time. Adds some nice curves instead of just linear ramps. I think the next function to make for this table will be background processing fade routines and palette related functions.

The second thing is the map collision logic. There’s a separate map for this and a ring buffer in ram. Right now it’s just squares, but I’ve worked out the logic for different shapes inside the 8×8 collision tile. I don’t need anything fancy, just some angled ramp pieces.

PCEAS2 (3.22)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2012 by pcedev

Just an FYI I forgot to mention in an earlier post; I’m using the new assembler build/version currently for the development of the game I’m working on. So, it should get a good thorough testing from that. So far so good.

Downloads update

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on February 9, 2012 by pcedev

I put up the links for Lords of Thunder Dual Boot CD and the Gate of Thunderforce hack, in the download and links section. Both are complete games (no patching necessary). For the LOT dual boot project, burn to CDR first. The way it’s setup, some emulators won’t run it (even if it’s mounted). It has to do with how software interprets the first data track. There’s no Pre-gap defined, so the CD-R recording software will put one in there automantically for 2 seconds (even though I already defined index 00). A hardcoded 2 seconds, exactly what the SegaCD side needs. I purposely left this out so that it would burn correctly. If you mount it or just load the CUE file, there’s no guarantee it’ll run correctly in an emulator. Of course, the real purpose is to see it run on both real systems – not emulation.