Game engine news

Heh, game engine logic is coming along nicely. Even if I just put 1-2 hours a day on working on it, I’ll be getting through this in no time (relatively speaking). Making it a must-do schedule, a second job so to speak.

 I wanted to show off some stuff soon, but all I have is R-Type 2 assets (converted for PCE) that I was using a long time ago to demo out a game engine. I don’t think it would be appropriate to demo the existing engine with those. I’ll see if I can make something up one of these days to use in place of (though it won’t look as cool as the assets I have now, shame).

Anyway, the script engine is coming along nicely. Right now it calls specific tasks (immediate task) and such for certain parts of the stage, but I started working out the logic for function list calling. Functions that run or serve as a background process over multiple frames. Basically a dynamic function pointer array (an array with function pointers, and the list is dynamically increased or decreased. Although the higher level array is just index numbers by themselves, in which they point to specific function pointers. Just faster to dynamically move around/sort bytes instead of words). There’s probably a name for it in higher levels languages (and I’ve done it manually in C), but I don’t know what it’s called. So, these functions would serve a purpose that an immediate request could not handle, as well as assigning multiple function requests that run as background processes in parallel of each other. I.e. game logic stuffs.


3 Responses to “Game engine news”

  1. I don’t understand a word you just said but it sounds like progress!

  2. Cool, and put all your programming knowledges on this game would be great ..

    But beware to stress, I know what it is, i have more of it for my game lol ..

  3. It sounds like you’re taking about threaded code. Most FORTH implementations use it.

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