R-Type 2 demo

I started this back in 2008, as a WIP for a shmup engine. I never did get very far into it; no collision map (at least applied in game), no other enemy objects. Anyway, using the assets to have something for my new engine, made me think why not just release it as is; source and rom. Mind you, it’s nothing special at all. But whatever, it’s fun to look at. Note: That second layer that scrolls on the arcade version, is setup for dynamic tiles (15×15 tile image). I thought I had a demo with the dynamic tile scrolling working in game, but I couldn’t find it from the back up stuff/drive. The tiles are setup for it, but the pre-shifted/rendered tile set for it isn’t in the build itself (although I have them as assets in other folders). First boss was done too, but this demo doesn’t load that section either. I don’t plan on updating the source for it, just releasing it as is – with some removal of obsolete comments and such. Too bad I didn’t put the time into this years back. It would have made a pretty cool single level+boss demo.

Here’s the demo (rom and source): Download and links section

4 Responses to “R-Type 2 demo”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    I was thinking, did you ever send me a link BITD for the R-Type 2 demo? I feel like I tried it out, maybe I have the version with the dynamic tiles, I’ll try searching around in my plethora of roms.

    • Paranoia Dragon Says:

      Bah, nevermind. It’s the exact same one you just put up here, oh well. 😦

      • Yeah, I don’t remember giving out the dynamic tile one. Mainly because I had a standard version that took a bit more resource than I wanted and had planned on implementing a new version; you basically let the cpu run wild with ST1/ST2 opcodes and use the TIMER interrupt or Raster interrupt to snap the CPU back to the return code. There was a small buffer of tiles that the cpu could overwrite into that wouldn’t show up anywhere. This method meant you didn’t have to update the tilemap when the dynamic tile set hit its 8 pixel movement limit (which is what you normally do). The dynamic tileset was setup for columns, meaning you could split and start on whatever column. I plan to use the idea for the new game; just need to design a stage around it.

  2. I hope you can release a complete version of the game, it looks so nice to that point!

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