Downloads update

I put up the links for Lords of Thunder Dual Boot CD and the Gate of Thunderforce hack, in the download and links section. Both are complete games (no patching necessary). For the LOT dual boot project, burn to CDR first. The way it’s setup, some emulators won’t run it (even if it’s mounted). It has to do with how software interprets the first data track. There’s no Pre-gap defined, so the CD-R recording software will put one in there automantically for 2 seconds (even though I already defined index 00). A hardcoded 2 seconds, exactly what the SegaCD side needs. I purposely left this out so that it would burn correctly. If you mount it or just load the CUE file, there’s no guarantee it’ll run correctly in an emulator. Of course, the real purpose is to see it run on both real systems – not emulation.

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