Megaman 0.98 on SCD

Someone requested this, so I figured I should add this to the download and links section. It’s not the version that plays CDDA tracks in place of the PSG, just the normal game on CD (for those of you without flash cards). Requires SuperCD 3.0 system card (else you get a warning screen). I guess some CD-R burning software had problems with the old ISO because it wasn’t a multiple of 0x800 byte sectors – fixed now.


3 Responses to “Megaman 0.98 on SCD”

  1. Dan (Shrapnoid) Says:

    About the help you were looking for on MM.
    I didn’t see any contact info here on how to get in touch with you so, I’m just going to post what I found out here in your comments section.

    Okay. Apparently Vagla and Seph3 have dropped out of the scene but, I did manage to find two other guys who seem to be good at this sort of thing and I have their websites here.

    This guy worked with redrum on Megaman Alpha and I belive he has some skills that will interest you.
    Here is his website…

    This other guy worked on Megaman Metal Army and has done some other work as well.
    Here is his website. (spanish)

    If I find anyone else who may be of assistance to you, I’ll let you know.

    Good luck with the project.

  2. Tomaitheous’at’pcedev’dot’net 😉

    • Dan (Shrapnoid) Says:

      Oh! Okay. Let me save that. Alright. Got it! So,… How’s it going?
      Think either of those two might be able help out if they’re interested?

      I might dig around through my backups later and show you what I’ve been doing with Megaman.
      If I ever find the time to get back to it then, it shouldn’t be too much longer before I can make a patch for release.
      Hopefully just a couple of months.

      Well, I’ve gotta run. See ya around!

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