Megaman…???? Megaman..!?!? Megamaaaaannnn!!!!!!!!

It never gets old, let me tell you 😉

Hey, so I put thread up over at RHDN (that’s for you people not in the know). Kind of like the one on PCFX, but geared towards the hacker crowd rather than just the PCFX community.

That said, I’m looking for veteran/experienced low level Megaman hackers of the original NES rom/game. Why? Well, because. Because hacking the game itself would still be an NES environment, so to them it they wouldn’t need to even know about PCE hardware. I’d love to have some capable hackers onboard for the upgrades in the game. I’ve seen some pretty extensive hacking for this rom and it would be great to add some new functionality to it. Two new bosses, weapons, etc. I dunno. But more than just a face lift and butt tuck.

Hell, even some veteran NES or 6502 or 6280 hackers that are willing to take on the task. Anyway, spread the word. Send them here or over at RHDN. Let’s rip this game engine apart and rebuild it back up 😉


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