Spriggan Mark 2

Some old timers might remember this. This game was my very first translation project. Not because it was easy and lite on text, but because this is one of my favorite games. It’s a shmup with a story. And story elements along with dialogue in game. Much like Target Earth and Cybornater. Anyway, I had a few translators pick up the project over the years and then disappear. I didn’t mind so much in that I wanted to do this right. I definitely didn’t want to mash up different translation works on it by different people.

Anyway, fast forward to this week. SamIam picked up the task of translating not just the 9 stages of scripts, but also the cinemas. I just got the draft in for the game and it looks great. I’m pretty damn happy at the moment. This is also one of the games that I did a VWF print routine for, so it’s getting the class A treatment. But it the buck doesn’t stop there, I’m gonna translate the cinemas (mostly because I doubt I can get a dubbing going for this – or rather.. completed). Even if that means I have to completely hack and write my own cinema code from scratch for this game (and I will, I’m that crazy). I actually did some preliminary research on the cinemas and found out that even use all the available/free system ram for them. That’s lame. One of them was 90k when they could have used the whole 192k (I believe 64k is reserved for the top level logic). That means bigger viewable windows and/or more animation could have been done in some cinemas.

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