Some time off…

I’m gonna take a break from PCE work for a while. I just went through a very long/drawn out custody battle with my ex-wife and long-story-short; I lost. I’m pretty pissed off and bummed out, to say the least. So I really don’t feel like doing shit right now. Yeah, this is not a personal blog – but often times real life stuff effects hobby related stuffs/projects. I’m basically not going to be a father anymore IMO (I will barely get to see my kids; they will live in a different county and town) – so I need figure out what I going to do with my life now as it previous always centered and revolved around my sons. I dunno. But for now, I don’t feel like doing anything hobby related. So when I do… find my feet again, I’m sure I’ll be back up and running on related PCE stuffs. But until then, don’t expect much from me here or current projects. I’ll still probably be around the usual forums though, I guess.


11 Responses to “Some time off…”

  1. All this is sad to ear!! Have a good rest and take care! Hope to see you back soon on the PCE dev scene soon

  2. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Damn, sorry man. I wish there was something I could say or do that would take some of the pain away. All I can really say is to hang in there, & do what you need to do. Life is important, hobby’s aren’t.

  3. I agree with PD, but life is so sad sometimes .

    And as I often say,only a woman can make a woman forget 😉 .
    And I hope you can see your children in good conditions

  4. cabbage Says:

    This is really terrible, I can’t imagine what you must be going through; please try to take care of yourself. If you ever need someone to talk to or just vent your thoughts and feelings, no need to hesitate…

  5. This is sad news. These are hard times to go through. Hopefully you have real people/family around you to listen and speak with you. Until we meet again on the forums, good luck. 🙂

  6. Thanks guys. I might be bummed out a bit (and pissed too), but I’m not one to wallow in self pity / feel sorry for myself. I just need to figure what the next steps are going to be in my life. Mostly career choices/changes and whatever living and lifestyle changes that might accompany that. Just real life things I need to sort out and such. I’m seriously looking at going back and finish school (college), but that’s gonna a 5 year program. That means I’ll be turning 41 by the time I graduate. Not exactly a competitive age for ‘just starting out’ type of thing/straight out of college. Active military is another option, though the more I looked into it – the less appealing it is than when I had originally thought about it. I’m in pretty good physical shape and capability, but my age limits me to what services I can actually join.

    I dunno. I need to figure some things out. For the meantime, I’ll just bury myself in my current job and save as much money as I can for this summer. I’ll work on some PCE stuff when I get some down time though (summer work keeps me pretty busy though).

  7. Hey Tom, really sorry to hear about this… I just ran into your blog after the Ys IV stuff and saw this. Well, women have a “sexist” advantage when it comes to the US legal system even when it can be proven that they’re bad/abusive mothers, so fathers typically lose out… 😦 Hope you get back on your feet and figure things out!

    • Flesh_Eating_Reptile Says:

      Sorry to hear about that, man. Did you ever try to hire a PI or anything? Stay healthy for your kids.

  8. To clear things up, I’ve been divorced for a long time now (7 years). But I’ve had physical custody of my sons since (although it was almost 50/50 time split). The ex moved to another town and county a couple of years ago and was trying to get physical custody of them for them to go to school down there. Long story short; that happened. I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that my older son was having problems in school and so the judge decided that my ex deserved a change to ‘fix’ this. But the judge didn’t want to split up the kids, so both went with her. The youngest had no reason to go with her or had any problems (he made honor roll and they wanted him to go to a Gate school). I could fight this and request another custody hearing, but now that they are are awarded to her – I’d have to provided a good reason why they should be with me over her. That’s really hard to do; it’d have to be a serious problem/issue with her parenting. So basically, I’m permanently screwed on that.

  9. Really sorry for you. That kind of decisions always go the same way, it’s the same here in France.

  10. Yes also in france, priority is given to the mother in divorce.

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