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PC-Engine tracker

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DefleMask author has included the huc6280 audio into his tracker app. I messed with it a bit and once you figure out how to edit the instruments and waveforms, then it becomes fairly familiar tracker territory. It has a macro function (in envelope form) for waveform updating, which is nice (ala Bloody Wolf and a few other rare PCE games). Doesn’t seem to emulate the ‘click’ for the offset waveform pointer though (maybe I’ll put in a request for it). You can find it here:

The native format is DWF, but VGM is now spec’d for 6280 so you can save it in that format too. Shouldn’t be too hard to write a VGM player for PCE. So far, I haven’t seen any support for DDA mode in the tracker yet (VGM format supports it though).

Registered for school

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After some thinking it through, some research online, and some input from one of my older brother (he’s an EE and a project leader)… I finally decided on Computer Engineering as my major. Hopefully I can land some sort of work after getting a BS, and work on my MS while gaining experience in some related job market. I thought a lot about CS, but ultimately decided CE is more suited to what I want to do. I want to program, but I also want to interface hardware on a low level. I want to be have my hand in the development of both hardware and software. I’m not sure what I should minor in, but I’ve got some time to think about that. It’s gonna take a bit to get acclimated to school life and environment, that much I know. There’s a great Engineering transfer program here in the local community college. I’m hoping two semesters (or four, if I can push it) should be enough to get me up to speed, get the low requirement classes/credits out of the way – and cheaper than the U of A would cost me. Then ultimately transfer to the U of A (they supposedly have a great Engineering department). For this summer, I’m gonna concentrate on getting as much work and money saved up. A grant and loans aren’t going to give me much leeway financially. So things will be slow this summer for PCE related stuffs. But I suspect fall will allow some time. I do know that I want to focus on more embedded type projects too (I did a little bit of mcu dedicated stuff over the past couple of years). So we’ll see how much that’ll leave for PCE stuffs. Just trying to move on and make the best out of life for what I can.