Megaman 2 on PCE…



10 Responses to “Megaman 2 on PCE…”

  1. Just Marvelous!! \(^_^)/

  2. It’s funny, as the backend emulation got more mature and such, I was able to get nes games up and running in a much shorter time frame. Most were playable in a days work, but still needed work or major glitched/etc. Megaman 2 was up and running and beaten in about 4 hours total – thanks to my new tool for finding specific and valid opcodes from within a binary file and spit out the list/location. Really amazed how fast this one went up and running. Heh… and completable too.

  3. Paranoia Dragon Says:


  4. TruMisery Says:

    Thats awesome! Megaman 2 is one of my favorite megaman games! Looking forward to being able to play it on my Duo! The Tengen version of Tetris would be a nice conversion since the pce has no tetris games on it… just my opinion though…

  5. God….I want cd audio for this so bad….

  6. Salutations good man! I’m a PC Engine enthusiast, and I love what you’re doing! Please let me know how I could get your Rockman games and etc.. You are my hero. I will send you money.

  7. I never knew what the PC Engine was and still kinda don’t to this day… Despite being a huge retro gamer. I should look into it! 😀

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