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Work (RL) has gotten crazy recently (no days off, long hours), so things are gonna slow down for a bit on the PCE front. But I’ll fit it in where I can.

Ghosts n Goblins NES

Posted in NES2PCE on November 15, 2012 by pcedev

Guess I’ll take a look a this, this weekend. But I’ll need testers 😉

MM2 update

Posted in Megaman, NES2PCE on November 15, 2012 by pcedev

Oops. Fixed a small bug in the audio emulation in Megaman2. Updated in Download and Links section (version 0.87).

Megaman2 public release

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Find it in the ‘Download and Links‘ section. There are two roms in the zip file, the ‘headerless’ one is for some flashcards that require a ‘raw’ rom.

Also, the NES2PCE page on the right column, is for any requests (features or games), general comments, bugs, whatever.


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DefleMask version 8 is out. It’s a multisystem tracker, with huc6280 support, for all you tracker fans out there 😉

I hope we see some Battleofthebits compo’s for huc6280 now 🙂

Oh and it has sample support (all six channel if you need it).

MM1 / MM2

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Been pretty busy the last week and will be for a bit. But I’m slowly chugging away at stuffs. I got this weekend coming up, so I need to prioritize what pce related stuffs I should do. I’ve got a lot (DX still needs ending credits, Spriggan Mark 2 need ADPCM offsets to tracks to go to BL for english dub prep, Motteke Tamago needs the new title screen inserted, etc).

Megaman 2 is getting an overhaul to the audio emulation code, so that is holding back the public release. Thanks to Drakon for testing out Megaman CDDA version. I fixed a few bugs. I also added an easy mode to MM1 (people seem to think this game is hard 😛 ). I need to fix the CDDA track loading screen (it looks like crap when the tracks load). So these two games will be getting public releases soon.

Also, Megaman 2 with CDDA tracks. Or hell, just a version that’s on CD as-is. It’s gonna be difficult. The game is 256k as is. But CDRAM for SuperCD is 256k (plus 8k for system ram). At minimum I need an extra 8k free bank to put my emulation code in and for CDDA track code, I need another 8k free bank. I thought about removing some graphic data from the game, and load that in when it’s needed (like at the start of a level), but none of the graphic segments start exactly on an 8k page boundary. I.e. there are no clean breaks where I can do this. It’s definitely going to be tricky to say the least.

And finally, not MM related, Dragon Warrior. I never publicly released this game. It’s on CD. I’m gonna redo some the emulation code because this game was the very first NES2PCE project that I ever did, then release it publicly. I’ll have to figure out BRAM syscard lib and make a save option too.