Welp, seems like my idea of raising money for the summer off to just code, code, code… probably isn’t going to happen. Too short of a notice and not really anything to show for it. I’m still gonna do an Indiegogo project for this, but I’ll also setup a straight paypal donation button for people that don’t care for such fund raising sites (they take a small cut). I’m gonna dedicate as much of free time for this summer into getting two projects completed.

Yes, two projects. I’m completely dead set on doing a Megaman clone, but I’m also gonna do a shmup. Why a shmup? Well, I just looked over my engine that I was working on last summer and realized that it’s quite far along. It would be a shame just to abandon it. So, I’m gonna work on both for now. The shmup will be a pretty short game. Probably something that I can show off, for the fund raising and such. I’ll probably make it free download, but if I have some time I’ll do a hucard release (yeah, I’m still working with plastic injection molding for a hucard project) to help raise some funds; they’ll be made by hand and so they won’t be cheap. Just a limited run for people that want something like that.

So yeah, Megaman clone is the primary project. I think, because I’m not gonna set September as the deadline, I’m gonna bring on some other artists as I progress much further along. For the shmup, I’ll most likely just do the graphics myself; tribute style graphics/music/etc.

Free time is pretty minimal right now – working my ass off. I borrowed $1200 to pay rent, so I need to work some crazy hours to pay that off and restore my short term savings. I wish I had a stable job and not this under-the-table-iffy-might-have-work… work. Tucson was hit hard by the recession and is slow to recover, on top of the already normally lower pay scale for city compared to Phoenix/Metro. Sometimes I really hate this town – hah! But I digress…

2 Responses to “Homebrew”

  1. Mister Xiado Says:

    I froth with anticipation. You already know how well Pier Solar went over for the Genesis. I’d definitely like to contribute what I can to a project that may lead to possibly two new, original TG16 games coming out (on HuCards, yes? YES?!). While the PCE/TG16 isn’t thick as thieves with the new hipster crowd, at least one new “retro” gaming community would be similarly excited about such a prospect. I wish you fortune, glory, riches, and bi- err… ladies of loose moral fiber.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    I already purposed to work on a project together with people. Like we all have a little job on the project, and nobody gives the next person any trouble. I have my own ideas as well, however nobody wants to work with me on anything at all. I wish you the best in your projects, and hope to present my projects as well.

    I am sorry to hear about the loss. 90 people dead here, ninety people dead there, everybody forgot about Chicago fire. Rent, solution, roommate or better yet the sex friend who kicks out the roommate. If this was Japan, it would be like five of us, living in one room apartment, working on a project together, like a band.
    But I guess we westerners roll, luxury style. Remember how the first Manga artists trained for animation?

    Their are tons of Rockman projects floating around the place.

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