Woot… yeah

I purchased a Turbo ED. The site says that it supports 8megaBYTE roms and the sf2 mapper. So I’m hoping it supports the full mappable range of the SF2 mapper (1ff0-1fff instead of 1ff0-1ff3). We’ll see. Anyway, I have two other flashcards; turbodrive (err something like that, with a ziff dip socket) and a tototek card. The tototek card is getting on in age. It was a great card, but the parallel port thing kinda sucks. Plus, the tototek card has problems with the SuperCDROM2 addon unit. Has some sort of conflict with the upper 1Mbyte address range, thus BRAM, ADPCM, and other hardware have bus fighting (strangely enough, hardware banks $f8 and $FF are fine).

PCFX forums is up and running, and apparently you can’t just ‘browse’ as a non member. Good to see dev activity going on in the PCE community still. Arkhan and Old Rover obviously working on stuffs, but others as well. Touko put out a SGX demo hoti-shmup engine and Lochlan is looking for some pixel artists for his hori-shmup engine. Sunteam Paul also put out a demo game Reflectron (port of a ZX speccy game).

Work has slowed down and I’ve got the bug to code.


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