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This is really cool

Posted in Megaman, Uncategorized on January 31, 2014 by pcedev

I’d totally buy one of those cards and slap a sticker on it. I’m jealous 😛

Spriggan Mark 2

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Got in contact with Burnt Lasagna, who did the dubbing for Ys IV English version and also Dracula X:Rondo English dub/translation project. SamIam did the translation of the game for me, as well as translate all the cinema dialog. I just posted all the ADPCM offsets from the script, so hopefully we’ll see an English dub of this translation project. I have one small snag that I need to fix in the game; one of the levels has the translated script to big to fit back in; I need to compress it.

Also gonna need a translation of the manual as well, and some one with some good photoshop skills. Hmm, maybe I should open a RHDN page for this.

If you don’t know, it’s SM2 is like Target Earth or Cybernator – but in a horizontal shmup format. There’s story dialog in game (like an RPG), as well as cinemas in between the stages. It’s definitely an under rated/appreciated game.

Megaman CD update

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Since I had to fix the easy/normal bug, I figured I’d clean some other stuff up as well. The CD setup is now distributed in two packs; CD music pack and Cue/Iso pack.

I got rid of all the non-megaman CD tracks (place holders). So everything is Megaman related now. The title screen now has its own track (haha – it’s awesome) and the original game title screen is gone (goes from the new title screen to the stage selection screen). The tracks are now appropriately named, so replacing them with whatever you want – should make it easier. Uploaded and available in the Download and Links section.

Also, I probably won’t be making any updates to MM1 for download – for a while. I’ll post progress, but there’s no real need to upload every time something small is added. I am happy with the state that it is in now; the next public release should contain some major upgrades.

Megaman 1 hucard Title/Options version uploaded

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For those that want to play it via hucard. It has all the options of the CD build. The stereo separation setting have a greater effect now, since it also applies to the music as well. Ch0= square 1, Ch1= square 2, Ch2= triangle channel, Ch3 = noise channel.

You can get it from the Download and Links section.

Edit: Also, for the CD version; Easy mode and Normal mode are actually inverted. So Easy=normal and normal=easy. Sorry. Last minute change and I forgot to update the damage handler. The hucard version is correct though. I’ll upload a new data track soon. I plan on splitting up the CD version into two files; the cue+iso and a separate file for all music tracks. This upload speed to the site is killing me :/

Megaman hucard update

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I’m going to make a build of the hucard version, with the new title, menu, and options. The stereo pan channel setting should have more of a purpose too.

That said, I want to do the same for Megaman 2 hucard project. Anyone have any ideas for a title screen for this one? I.e. It’s not limited to NES format.

Also, I’m going to start uploading just the data track ISO files for CD project updates. I have a few upgrades in mind for MM1; expand on the 6 button support for fast weapon changing, add auto weapon energy capsule refill to first non equip weapon with the lowest energy, and add the slide feature of the later MM games. I’m toying with the idea of adding a power up charge shot as well, but that’s gonna take some additional hacking.


Oh yeah, almost forgot: I’m looking for a chiptune artist to redo MM1 songs in native PCE chiptune format. I’ll provide the sound engine and format. Pass the word along, if you can.

Megaman CD 1.01

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Some new goodies in there (read the video description). Upload is taking a while, but will be available in the Download and Links section, once it has finished.

Edit: Game is now uploaded.

Megaman 1

Posted in hacks, Megaman, NES2PCE with tags , on January 21, 2014 by pcedev

Adding 6 button gamepad support to Megaman 1 CD release. For right now, all it does is not wig out in 6 button mode (it would, before this release). But later on, I’m gonna make it so that it does quick weapon select instead of using the pause menu. Dragon Warrior could benefit from this as well. I’m gonna put that on the list of things to do for DW.