Dragon Warrior nes2pce

So thou art a Dragon Warrior fan, ehh? I’ve stated this before, that DW1 was thee first nes2pce game that I did. But the emulation code is old and the game required CD specifically because of the extra ram usage. I’m pretty sure that I can make a regular hucard version (non-SGX or require CD base ram). But that requires change all game code that accesses the batter backed sram. The game uses the sram of for saves, but it also uses a little of the sram for some code variables. Since the NES only has 2k of work ram and the PCE/TG16 has 8k, I can fit this into the left over 6k. But that’s gonna take a bit of work.

Here’s what I’m asking. I need people to play Dragon Warrior on an emulator, and beat it. Not just any emulator, but FCEUX. I need the CDL file and trace log file. My free time is kind of limited at the moment. So if anyone wants to help out, this would be a great contribution to the project.

If anyone is interested, I’ll create a page on what exactly to do. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hex edit or debug or anything like that. You simply play the game. But it has to be from start to finish, in one sitting. It doesn’t matter if you die and have to continue. If anything, that’s needed. It works like this; as you play the game – the emulator starts logging what each byte of the rom is access as (code, data, indirect data, etc). The tracer logs the disassembly as the code is being accessed (but only logs the code once, so no redundant stuff for me to sort). Once you beat the game, you give me those two files. No, I normally don’t do this – but I normally don’t need to hack nes2pce projects this much.

I don’t actually need any of this, for the CD project. But since Turbo Everdrive has gotten pretty popular, I figured a hucard only version would be nice. And yes, I still would like to do an upgraded version of DW for PCE once the hucard version is up and running. DW is very easy to hack graphic and sound wise.

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