Burning Megaman 1 CD

I forgot one thing. I didn’t pad the ISO track to multiples of 2048 bytes (single sector). Most burning/mounting programs don’t care, but one person said that the app he used rejected the ISO. So I’m gonna upload a new one, and make sure any future ISO tracks are multiple of 2048 bytes in the future.

Also, Apple users (I can’t say Mac anymore, can I?) don’t have apps to burn ISO/WAVE setups. So I’m gonna upload a cue/bin version (if I can get any of these damn apps to convert it for me).

On that note, I fixed my SuperCDROM addon unit. Word of caution, when taking that thing apart – don’t drop the Laser unit. I did, and it pushed the part that holds the CD on the spindle – in. So the CD was stuck against the flat surface of the plastic (wouldn’t move). Fixed. Now I can actually test on the real hardware again (for CD).


3 Responses to “Burning Megaman 1 CD”

  1. Hi, and news on the cue/bin version? Thanks

  2. グレェ Says:

    OS X has disk utility, which can burn .iso formats and some other things, try using mkisofs to create an iso.

    CD-R WIN (progenitor of the .bin/.cue paradigm) has not been updated in eight years, and was never very mac/unix friendly.

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