Sound FX

Ohh, btw – I’m looking for some sound FX for the Megaman title screen. A ‘schwiinnng’ type effect for the title bar/logo. And a menu cursor movement sound as well. Maybe a game start sound FX? They’re going to be ADPCM, so any source for a sound file should work (wave/mp3/etc).


2 Responses to “Sound FX”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    I’ll try to think if I have any sound effects that would fit.

    • I might browse some games sound fx tests, to get an idea. I need it for when the title bard scrolls in really fast and then stops. So a cliche metallic ringing sound..ish… thingy. As if the title bar was made of certain hard metal and was sliding across another metal surface, not unlike two swords scraping and ringing.

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