Megaman CD 1.01

Some new goodies in there (read the video description). Upload is taking a while, but will be available in the Download and Links section, once it has finished.

Edit: Game is now uploaded.

3 Responses to “Megaman CD 1.01”

  1. Wow, looks brilliant top job. Is the any way that you could upload a bin/cue version? I’ve only got a Mac and wish to play this using RetroArch (Wii emulator).

    • I tried all day today, to make a valid cue/bin version of the game. It worked fine in the emulators, but I couldn’t get any of the burns to work on the real system. Maybe it’s windows 7, maybe it’s the version of Nero I’m using, maybe it’s the new BR-burner I just bought. I don’t know, but even reading the disc back on the same burner – takes forever (has problems reading from it). Strange enough, my cue/iso/wave format burns and works perfectly on the real system.

      So, I can’t help you out at the moment. The only thing I can suggest, is take it to a friends PC/laptop and burn it there. The cue/bin format isn’t a format that allows you to replace the audio tracks either, which is why I don’t use it. Some of the later tracks in this version, aren’t Megaman songs; they’re Gradius 2 PCE CD tracks in place of the Wily stages. I couldn’t find any decent ones to replace the originals with.

    • Did you ever get it burned to a CD-R?

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