This is really cool

I’d totally buy one of those cards and slap a sticker on it. I’m jealous 😛


5 Responses to “This is really cool”

  1. Hi, i’ve made them few weeks ago.
    Give me your address and i’ll send you some of them for free 😉
    Thanks to you for all those greats nes conversions !

    mail : admin(at)ultimate-consoles(dot)fr

  2. Hi;

    I’m the owner of the picture. ; )
    I always read the blog, but never took time to post a comment.
    You make great works and without you, we’re never been able to made thises modds.
    Ichigo/Fabrice said me that he will ship some, if you nedd help, feel free to ask !

  3. Redfield Seal of Quality!

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