I think my concussion is gone

Long story short, I work in construction related field from time to time. I was up 20 feet, on a scissor lift, when I jumped straight up into a metal beam/bracket. Gave me a nice gash and bump on the top of my head and a nasty headache through out the night (night work shift). A couple of hours in, and I was feeling really nauseated. I found it difficult to concentrate for a few days, too. That was a few days ago. Seems to have worn off now (the last symptom; focus). I don’t have any medical coverage (too poor to afford it), so I just waited it out.

Anyway, had a bitch of time trying to code these past two days. It was really annoying. But things have seem to cleared up today. Made a lot of progress on hooking the MM main sprite handling routine. The idea, was not to replace the original sprites – but to detect certain ones and then to overlay a new set on top of the old set. The replacement sprite has its own new table that I made for them. When I encounter the sprite, I save state the emulator and pause the game. Then, I adjust the values in the new tables so that the new meta sprite aligns up with the old one. Once that’s done, I can remove the old sprite.

The problem was, making an exact duplicate sprite handling routine and jump to that when a specific sprite # is identified. Modifying that last part (the alt copy routine) was a pain. But today, along with a clear head, I was able to get it up and running in no time.

Moral of the story; concussion are no good! Lol

3 Responses to “I think my concussion is gone”

  1. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    Yikes! I’d tell you to check out a Chiropracter, but with no insurance…who knows how much it’d cost, not to mention how long they could keep you coming for the adjustments! Several years ago, I was doing work in my dad’s front yard, & took a break. When I stood up, I crunched my head on a huge tree branch. I eventually felt better, but, days or weeks later(I forget how long it took), my left hand went numb! I tried dealing with it for a few months, but finally gave in & went to a chiropractor.

    I had a pretty bad pinched nerve cutting off circulation. I went thru a bunch of adjustments. This particular chiropractor had connections with a credit company where I made payments over a couple of years with no interest, so that worked out. I’d suggest keeping an eye on your neck, try to stretch it out often.

    What I do, with upright posture, I lean my head back as far as possible & count to 10. I do that 10 times, once a day. That was one of my exercises I was given, but I was doing that 3 times a day. Whenever my neck starts to act up, I concentrate on doing those exercises more & it really helps!

  2. megatron-uk Says:

    I really feel for you guys not having health care for everyone. It’s one of the things we love to bitch and moan about here in the UK, but we all know, if the need ever arises, the health service is there (three family members in hospital over the past 4 months – two of them who will now require ongoing treatment, just having to think about the cost or having the right insurance would be another burden everyone should be without).

    • I’m actually poor enough to qualify for state medical (at least, I think I am). But ever since the recession, the state has been finding reasons to deny people. The ‘obama care’ is taking for ever. I should probably look into it, though. Knowing my luck, it’ll be removed once I get it 😛

      I can’t complain too much. I had major back surgery a few years ago. A birth defect in my lower spine; wasn’t attached to my pelvis (floating spine). I had no idea, growing up, since my back muscles are really strong. But later in life, it was pinching my nerve and I was at risk of damaging my spinal cord (they didn’t understand until the took xrays of my lying down and sitting, and then standing – they couldn’t believe it!). The surgery cost over $50k. The state insurance paid for it. So I can’t complain. Something as minor as a concussion is just an annoyance to something like that.

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