The replacement hook for new sprites is working great, but the game loads new palettes and enemy sprites – per room load (small breaks in the level). Took me a bit, but I figured it out and how to hook it. This is important, because my hook needs to load the alt sprite graphics and palettes for ‘rooms’. Things are coming along nicely for the sprite upgrades. Much faster than I had originally thought.

I can also use this hook, to identify when a new room is loaded, and thus call my special foreground/background effects hook based on this. Since I’m reducing sprites to large than 8×8 cell segments, I’ll have more SAT room for these ‘effects’. And since the sprites are not made of less segments, I’ll have a much-much better sprite-pixel-scanline setup for this as well. Annnddd, the new graphics actually take up less vram than the emulated NES ones – so more vram for said ‘effect’ sprites.

2 Responses to “Megaman”

  1. I’ve seen the megaman sprite sheet on pcenginefx, very very promising !
    Maybe you can also change the “press start” with “press run” on the title screen 😉

  2. The CD version already has the original title screen removed. I just didn’t do it for the hucard version yet.

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