Needs another update. I use ‘sizeof()’ quite a bit. It can be tricky, but as long as you include whatever asset/file on the same line as the label, then sizeof() works. But I remember there being a bug in sizeof(). It’s a 32bit value stored internally, to the assembler, IIRC. The assembler isn’t letting me use sizeof(label) in a ‘.db’ table (yeah I know, but I shouldn’t have to use MSB()/LSB() in the table for bytes). That sucks. Gonna have to fix that in PCEAS2.

2 Responses to “PCEAS2”

  1. Theta_Frost Says:

    Following this with interest. I’ve wanted to get into programming the PCE for a while and this might be a good place to start.

    • I wish I had some tutorials, but I don’t. If you’re not afraid of getting dirty with assembly, there are quite a few people that I can also put you in contact with, for coding PCE in assembly. I mean, beside myself.

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