Power meter replacement design/code is finished. I’m pretty happy with the way it works. In regular weapon mode, the whole meter width is the health. In weapon mode, the meter is divided by half – one side for health and one side for weapon energy (well, one more pixel for health width than weapon energy). Next will be to do a version for the boss as well. I still need to make some ‘weapon’ icons for below/base of MM power meter, since I’m keeping Megaman blue regardless of the weapon picked. Though I might have a setting in the options to change this (retro look). It’s not that it’s more difficult, it’s just that I like the original megaman colors for the more modern looking sprite.

I also got rid of the score at the top, as well as the sprite ‘flicker’ routine. The routine is automatic, and cycles/staggers the sprite order depending on even/odd frames. This is primarily to reduce blank out (induce flicker) for the NES sprite line width problems. Since I’ve upgraded the sprites to new sizes and less of them, this isn’t an issue anymore. Plus, it’ll make sprite layers for parallax less of an issue to deal with (I want specific sprite priorities).


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  1. Nice Work 😀
    I have a question… does the weapon disappear after you switch realtime. I’m assuming so. This isn’t a problem except if you’re using the platform-gun. Can you imagine, switching weapons and having the floor disappearing from underneath you… But if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is 🙂 (This stuff is awesome regardless)

    • I’ll probably keep the same mechanism as the original game, as far as weapon selection. I.e. if the weapon projectile is still on screen, you can’t change the weapon. Depends on how much work is needed. Being able to shoot while using the beam platform, would be nice – but not essential.

  2. Well done! I really like the direction you’re going with this conversions!
    Have you ever thought of making options screen with dash and charge shot selectable? If you’re modernizing how game looks and sounds it would be logical to modernize how it feels. In Power Up it was unlockable features, but there it it won’t be interesting to replay game to unlock those as most of people who gonna play PCE version already beat NES one plenty of times(and probably genesis one too).

    P.S. any reply about what I said to you on youtube? I would be glad to help you graphically, with proper-sized spritesheet, frame and color limits, I’ll be able to give you a hand in there and speed up revamping…

    • I had thought about that. I do want to add dash and charge shot, but I know some people would be against it (gameplay wise). I figured I would make it one of the abilities that the two new boss/level would give you on completion. But I guess it could work as an unlockable feature. I have quite a bit of ideas, of how I want to change the game. But for right now, I’m just concentrating on adding the hardware upgrades to the game.

      When it comes to game design changes, I’ll be looking for people to help out in this area; bring them in on the team. I do know that I want unlockable stuff and secrets. I’ve always been a fan of those two things, in a game. I like the idea of alternate paths as well, like Dracula-X, maybe with a different boss or modified version of the boss for that level (replay value). Might even have a map system, showing your progress through the current level.

      As far as pixel artists, I do have someone on board right now. When I get to the re-design stage of the game, I’ll look at what other people/artists I need to bring in on the team.

  3. Paranoia Dragon Says:

    I too prefer MM in his original colors, but I still like to have the color changing as an option. I don’t think palette swapping eat’s up resources. BTW, still working on Gutsman, trying to give it the right factory’ish feeling, I’ll probably also mess around with the boss selection & stage select screen tunes to see what I can come up with for fun.

  4. I figured some people would like the option for color changes on weapon select. It’s low priority, but that is one thing I’m also considering. The options menu is going to change and the stereo stuff will no longer be there. Instead, it’ll have more game related stuff in there.

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