I’ve been thinking about the map format for Megaman. I really don’t like the idea of 32×32 with a huge LUT to draw from. Not because it’s hard to write the decoder, quite the opposite. But more of because writing the encoder means writing a whole new app.

So that got me thinking. 8×8 is out of the question for all room data, but 16×16 is a good compromise. 16×16 with WORD entries (4bits for subpalette and 9bits for tile). The ’tile’ could simply just be the base number<<4 and each tile following tile is +1 (for whatever layout I want). Typical stuffs for meta tiles, but 16×16 format is small enough; only 512bytes per 256×256 pixel res room. It also makes use of existing tilemap tools. And, if I ~really~ need more precision than that, I can reserve anything between the 10th bit to indicate a look up value, rather than an actual straight block reference. That way, if I really need 8×8 with each subpalette reference for small specific parts of the room map, I’ll have it. Done and done.

Been busy this weekend though (I’m replacing the cylinder head of my 1993 4.0L 4×4 jeep. Old head cracked, so I bought a new one. I’m reassembling the engine, slowly). Gonna try to do some test runs on new BG stuff tonight though.


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