Indie movie

Outside of coding, I dabble in indie movie stuff. Of course, this is micro budget league here – but we make up for it with serious design talent. Most of my RL friends are actually part of this scene; micro budget indie movies.

What does this have to do with PCE dev? Well, we’re building a set that’s support to be the inside of an old space ship. The ship has been grounded and is falling apart; there’s a mixture of low tech and high tech through the movie – because it takes places in a post-collapse of world civilizations. Anyway, one of the parts of the sets has some old CRTs and I’m going to use my white PC-Engine to drive one of the displays. It’ll have some scrolling code, animated vector graphics, etc – running the CRT. Gonna use the SF2 mapper on the TE, for the software. We’re both old school gamers, so it’s more of an inside joke/thing. But I thought it was awesome that the PCE would get to run one of the displays.

For you Japanese folks, the main target distribution for this is going to be Japan. We’ve already released one movie there already (and one of my friends actually found a copy in a shop there, on a visit). I’m gonna see if I can get credit as ‘PC-Engine programmer’ – lol.


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