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Really? No one is interested in doing a French translation of Spriggan Mark 2?? Heh..

Spriggan Mark 2 – the french translation/dub

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France has a pretty decent sized and active PCE scene. I was wondering if anyone in the French PCE community would be interested in doing a French translation *and* dub, of Spriggan Mark 2? I have the original Japanese script ripped from the game (best to do Japanese->French, instead of Japanese->English->French. Although the English translation could be used as a guide). Serious inquiries only; because I’m not making my tools and scripts available to the public. I can work with you as well, if you need support on this project.


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Stands for iso_insert. Originally, a small utility that I made for injecting assembled code and data (binary), into a destination file (binary as well). It’s a simply utility; . The util will pad the destination file, if offset exceeded the original bounds of the destination file. For the hacking world, something like this is pretty handy. Often, you’ll need to inject new data and/or code into specific places of a rom or iso file. For small roms, I usually just include it as a binary into PCEAS and assemble directly into it. But PCE CD ISO hacking is a little different. Some games need the same code/data to be in multiple spots in the ISO (same data, just loaded from different sectors of the ISO for whatever reason).

If the data is the same, in all sectors/offsets, then this isn’t a problem. Simply copy a block to reassemble over (from within the assembler), and then copy the assembled binary back into the ISO. Done and done. That’s usually the case, but not always. Sometimes there are small differences between the offset chunks. While the area you are modifying specifically, might not change, the surrounding data might be different. This becomes a problem with PCEAS and it’s 8k output system. If you code/data starts somewhere other than the starting offset of an 8k bank or the data is less than 8k, you’ll have to manually cut/edit the binary in a hex editor – making the automated process… not so automated. For this specific situation.

Spriggan Mark 2 fits this bill. At some point in the game, it used a slightly different build of the game engine. While my code and data locations don’t change (logically), the surround data does. I can’t simply use one block for all the locations in the iso. So I’m modifying iso_ins once again. Adding source_offset and source_length parameters. But that got me thinking, why not just embedded a small part/liar into the file, in which the util could scan and use those parameters instead? The util would scan the source file for a specific ascii string (start of the copy parameters), and the end ascii string. From there, it would validate all parameters, and apply as instructed to the destination file. I can simply use the assembler’s internal logic/directives to create this list for me (automatically too). It could be anywhere in the binary, but I’d more than likely put it at the of the file. If the code/data size changes, I don’t have to worry about manually updating said parameters, because the assembler does that as part of the input data to the function that creates this list. That would truly be done and done.

I’m not sure if this would be of any use to anyone, but I’ll release it publicly anyway (probably over at RHDN too). I’ll make sure to have a switch for the last feature mentioned. I use it for a lot of stuff; not just pce projects. A simple command line util setup with a batch file. Run and done.

Spriggan Mark 2 English translation/dub

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Got the day off, today.

Burnt Lasagna’s been waiting on SamIam and me, for the final revision of the script. While he has all the ADPCM ripped from the game, obviously he needs something to give the voice actors. SamIam has been pretty busy from what he’s posted, and so have I. But it seems both of us have a little bit of free time in the next two weeks.

I have a few formatting errors that I need to fix on my end, nothing really holding back BL and Sam – but stage 5 script is larger than the original and is the primary problem. I have an old compression scheme in place in the game, just for this kind of scenario – but my code is soooo old that I have to re-understand it/RE it. I wrote all this print routine and such, back in 2007 (VWF routine and compression scheme).

So anyway, hopefully we can get all stuff done for BL to do the audio dub right away. My stuff is fairly easy, and Sam just needs to review the script in game for the final adjustments.

If everything goes as planned, this will be the third translated and English dubbed game for the PCE CD.

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Been busy with making stuff for Wastelander (sets, costumes, FX, etc). My white PC-Engine will be driving the display for the inside of the spaceship set. Lol – I’ll get IMDB credit for PC-Engine coder or something like that. It’s more of an inside joke, but still legit 😉

Anyway, crunch time on this movie project for the next two weeks – so I won’t really have time to code PCE stuffs for a bit. That, and I’m currently turning one of my bedrooms into an art studio/work shop. I did do some BG conversion work on MM, but nothing I can show for now. Though I’m gonna try to fit in at least a few hours in a week, for MM, until things settle down.