Spriggan Mark 2 – the french translation/dub

France has a pretty decent sized and active PCE scene. I was wondering if anyone in the French PCE community would be interested in doing a French translation *and* dub, of Spriggan Mark 2? I have the original Japanese script ripped from the game (best to do Japanese->French, instead of Japanese->English->French. Although the English translation could be used as a guide). Serious inquiries only; because I’m not making my tools and scripts available to the public. I can work with you as well, if you need support on this project.

One Response to “Spriggan Mark 2 – the french translation/dub”

  1. dlfrsilver Says:

    Hi, I’m fluent in english, french is my native language, and i have already translated 3 games : Eye of the Beholder I & II and Ambermoon from English to French.

    If you want to, i can translate the scripts in french for this game 🙂
    i’d be really pleased to do so !

    Contact me via my mail adress below :

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