Spriggan Mark 2 first draft teaser

Translation is entering into the final phase (draft revisions and such). Dubbing should start soon.

On a side note:
This game was re-released for Wii virtual console in Japan, so I’m assuming some active company still holds the rights for this game. If anyone has experience with contacting companies (particularly Japanese companies) and negotiating licenses, please shoot me an email. I wouldn’t mind making this official, if the cost of the license is reasonable (or however that works).


5 Responses to “Spriggan Mark 2 first draft teaser”

  1. megatron-uk Says:

    Looking great! It will be really neat to finally play this and understand the story!

  2. グレェ Says:

    Awesome! I wrote a long comment, but it seems like it got munched by wordpress.

  3. Tomaitheous,

    Unlike the other systems, the PC-Engine is not as well documented, and there are not as many tools for assisting in translations.

    Especially for working for some of the tile/sprite formats.

    Is Mednafen the only PC-Engine emulator with a debugger?

    Also, what about compression/DTE/VWF on the PC-Engine?

    If possible, could you share information/tools or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you in advance.

    • You’re better off emailing me specific questions. I’m out of town; things are a bit jumbled, but I can be more specific in email convo.

  4. http://www.kaga-create.co.jp owns the rights to Spriggan and many other Naxat games.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

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