A little game..

I’m working on a simple little game with my younger son, for the PCE. Trying to get him into development. I was trying to target late August for a release (it’s a really simple and short game). Looks like we’re on target. It’s a top down action/maze kind of game. Graphics and music/sound aren’t going to be that great – they’ll probably end up more 8bit-ish (I’m not that great in either department), but I don’t really want to rely on others and then miss our deadline. We’ll see.

I got a bit of code written (some modular things). Writing the collision map system this week (starting today). It’s written from scratch; no using other games engines that I’ve written. There’s heavy use of macros for the source too, to make it more compact and easier to read (think 68k style instructions). Writing the logic (and error detection logic) for macros is time consuming, but it’s worth it. I’m thinking of releasing the source to this little game when it’s done.

I’m not gonna post any screen shots or such, until near the end of the development. Specifically, because things might change. The main priority is to get it done by the deadline, so things might be cut from the game/story changed/etc. Don’t expect anything fancy, pushing the PCE, or new FX, etc. Or anything close to that; just a fun little early NES era style game on the PCE.


2 Responses to “A little game..”

  1. Cool, a little game is always better than nothing ..



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